Florida Department of Financial Services

Division of Investigative and forensic services

Welcome to the new Anti-Fraud Plan filing and Employee Designation portal, or FREDD.

Please choose the form for the filing you wish to submit and complete it. Each form can be printed for your records prior to submission, however, once the form is submitted it cannot be retrieved from the portal. All sections of the form are required by Statute, 626.9891, F.S., and must be completed. The forms contain several items that are marked with a red asterisk, if these items are not completed the form will not submit and you will receive an error message. Note that the Anti-Fraud Plan forms now require initialing acknowledgment of the statutorily required statements. (The form allows for copy and paste using “Control V”)

  • One filing can be submitted for all carriers within a Group if the anti-fraud unit is the same. Hit “Add” on the right side of the form in the “Insurer” field to add additional carriers and their NAIC numbers.
  • The Group Name and Number (4 digit) are only required if applicable, some carriers are not part of a Group.
  • Additional names can be added to Box 1 (Employee Designation) by hitting “Add” on the right side of the form. (Note: This is not to designate employees for exemption per 626.989(4)(d), F.S.)
  • The carrier’s internal anti-fraud plan or other supporting documentation can be attached at the bottom of the form. (Do not attach a copy of an old form filing)
  • It is preferred that all required information is provided within the field boxes, however, if attaching supporting documentation, such as a personnel chart, please elude to the attachment in the appropriate field box.
  • Hit the “Save a Copy” button on the bottom left of the form to retain a copy of the filing for your records prior to hitting “Submit”.
  • Once you hit “Submit” a pop-up will note that the form has been saved and will take you to a blank screen, once the filing has been reviewed the submitter email will receive notification via an acceptance email or a deficiency email. If deficient, the email will contain an explanation of the deficiency that must be corrected and the filing must be re-submitted.

Be advised, the portal will automatically verify the insurance company name and NAIC number against Department records. If the information is incorrect, including misspelled or incomplete company name, or incorrect NAIC number, the form will not submit and will return an error message.

626.9891, F.S.  

Questions regarding FREDD can also be directed via email to DIFSIUAdmin@MyFloridaCFO.com